Bridging your brand to your audience

PR strategies and events production amplified

Create. Innovate. Captivate.

Welcome to InviktusPR, your creative PR partner that will help you realize your concept, amplify your message, propel your campaign, and skyrocket your engagement.

Through creative imagination, expertise in branding strategies, extensive market research, we can help you produce campaigns and events that will captivate your audience and put your brand on the map.

From concept to catwalk

We work hand in hand with our clients from the creative conception of your event to developing your brand’s online and offline presence to complete fulfillment of your vision.

We’ve worked with emerging and established brands, producing a wide range of events from an intimate upscale foundation gala to a large-scale full-production fashion show in Miami Fashion Week.

Our devotion to the community

InviktusPR is all about outreach and giving back to the community. We’ve helped produce charitable events and campaigns that help raise awareness of causes we believe in.

Here at InviktusPR we value equality and provide equal opportunities to any talent of any shape, color, or size. With our diverse roster of talents, we can provide you with the right campaigns and strategies that personify your brand.